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-   ABOUT US  -


Hello everyone and thank you for your interest in Our Hummus! Hummus is my passion and creating it for all of you brings me so much happiness. My name is Cherie Mione. I am the owner of GardenDiva Hummus.  My inspiration for creating my hummus business came from my love of cooking.

I have been a dental hygienist for over 30 years. My two favorite hobbies are cooking and gardening. I enjoy trying new recipes and adding different ingredients to make them to my liking (and Vegan).

I took a vegan cooking class about 7 years ago, when I went vegan, which really inspired me. I had been vegetarian since I was in my early twenties due to never caring for meat since my childhood. The cooking class changed my life!  It made me eager to be even more creative in the kitchen.

I always liked hummus and would buy it at the grocery store. One day, I decided to try and create my own. My favorite flavor of hummus is Cilantro-Jalapeño (I love hot and spicy food), so I started there.

I was fortunate to have my son and his friends around to be my taste testers.  I would take spoons of hummus to each of them and get their feedback.  It was great having their input to perfect each flavor. 

My family, friends and co-workers began asking to buy my hummus from me and over time encouraged me to sell it the public. 

My vision is to have my hummus sold worldwide!! I want to share the love and great taste of my hand-crafted hummus's with everyone, everywhere.

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